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Owners Info

Emergency Contact

Boarding Details

Has your dog been to daycare/boarding before?

Pet Details

Date Of Birth

How long have you had your dog if not from a pup? 


Has your dog been microchipped?

What size is your dog?

Has your pet been Neutered?

Has your dog ever growled at yourself, a family member, a carer or a stranger?

Has your dog ever bitten yourself, a family member, a carer or a stranger?

Veterinary Information  

Do you have pet insurance?

Pet Health Conditions

Does your dog have any allergies? 

Is your dog on any medication?

It is a requirement that your dog is on an up to date flea and worming programme.

How often is the flea treatment administrated?

How often is the worming treatment administrated?

Are your dogs required vaccinations (including kennel cough) up to date at the time of filling out this form?


Time dogs are fed

Food Quantity

Food Brand

Is your dog possessive of their food?

Daily Routine

Does your dog have a recall?

Where does your dog usually sleep?

Is your dog crate trained?

Is your dog likely to…

Disclaimer - this will not stop your dog from being able to board it just allows us to see if anything is out of character for them during their stay

Jump up at people



Chew furniture

Chew sticks

Fight with other dogs

Scratch at carpets or doors

Does your dog suffer from seperation anxiety?

Is your dog toilet trained?

How does your dog react to having its body, legs, ears, paws and tail touched?

Does your dog resource guard  toys/chews etc

Are there any behaviours Pawfect Stay need to be aware of?

Your  dog will be socialised as per information provided by the owner. After the ‘initial’ meet and greet a familiarisation programme will be carried out in the home boarding environment. Notes will be recorded and referred to when necessary. 


Do you consent to a programme of enrichment both inside and outside including, grooming, socialisation and play? All dogs will receive appropriate toys and / or feeding enrichment such as scatter feeders unless veterinary advice suggests otherwise

Do you consent with your dog being walked both on lead and off lead with other dogs, both our residential dogs and dogs from different homes?

Do you consent to your dog exercising and playing in our outside areas with other boarding dogs and our residential dogs?

If there is evidence of external parasites (fleas, ticks, lice) your dog must be treated with an appropriate product authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and licensed for use on animals in the UK. Treatment will be discussed with a veterinarian before administering. Do you consent to us carrying out this treatment?

Do you consent for your dog to be boarded with dogs from different households who may be boarded at the same time?

If you are boarding more than one dog from your family, do you consent for them to be boarded in the same room as one another?

Do you consent for us to use a crate when required for your dog: ie. sleep, safe place, eating etc?

Do you consent for your dog to be walked outside the home environment / garden?

Do you consent for your dog to be let off the lead?

Do you consent for your dog to be walked with dogs other than those from its household?

Do you consent for us to separate dogs from the same household from their designated room if it becomes necessary?

Do you consent for us to take video and photographs of your dog to post to social media and our website?

Today's Date

The purpose of this form is to obtain as much information about your dog so that a correct decision can be made if Pawfect Stay is a suitable environment. By signing this form you agree to the terms and conditions and agree to  paying £33 per night for one dog, £28 per day for one dog.


Details required such as behaviours, age, medical conditions, neutered, castrated are all bought into consideration for a booking to be agreed upon by both Owner and Pawfect Stay


Personal contact details are required so a line of communication can be maintained at all times. Likewise, the client must feel they are able to contact the boarding/daycare establishment if any problems arise during the duration of the stay. 


Dog's are individuals and each booking is treated individually at the discretion of Pawfect Stay. 

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