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Owner Checklist


Plan Ahead

1. Call your vet ahead of time to inform them that you are away and should there be an emergency, as to the actions you wish for them to take.

2. Have extra supplies of pet food available in the event that you cannot return when expected.

3. Bring everything your pet sitter may need.

4. Be sure all pets are wearing their collars with identification.

5. Put our number in with your travel documents so that if you are delayed, you can let us know.

6. Ensure your emergency contact knows we have their number.

7. If any of the pet sitting fees are outstanding, please ensure that this is brought with you.

8. It may be advisable to include a piece of clothing that has your smell on should you be concerned about your dog having separation anxiety.

Supplies for Your Pet Please remember to bring the following:



□ Water Bowls

□ Treats

□ Collar and ID

□ Towel/Blanket

□ Lead

□ Dog Bed

□ Toys

□ Dog Waste Bags

□ Brush/Comb

□ Doggy Coat

□ Vaccination Certificate

□ Travel Itinerary

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