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Terms & Conditions


1.0 Bookings are to be made through

1.1 Bookings can not be rescheduled and are non refundable 

1.2 All payments are to be made at the time of the booking online or by bank transfer for regular slots.

1.3 Bookings require acceptance of the terms and conditions.

1.4 A confirmation email is sent out at the time of booking.

1.5 A further 'reminder' email is sent out 24 hours before the booking and contains the key code.

1.6 The key code is not to be shared.


1.0 Dogs are to be kept on lead/ inside the vehicle until you have entered the field and the gate is shut behind you.

1.1 Only 4 dogs are permitted at one time on site unless agreed prior.

1.2 PICK UP ALL dog waste using your own/the poo bags provided and dispose of it in the bins provided.

1.3 If you spot a missed poo please bag it and bin it, someone will return the favour for you one day. 

1.4 Dogs must be kept under control at all times 

1.5 Dogs are only permitted to dig in the sand pit and on the mound, if you see your dog digging anywhere else please stop them.

Insurance & Liability

1.0 You are required to hold third party insurance that covers any damage or injury caused by you or your dog(s) to persons, fences, fixtures or fittings.

1.1 You are required to notify Secure Dog Field Kent as soon as possible of any insecurity or hazard.

1.2 Secure Dog Field Kent cannot take responsibility for any incident or occurrence as an effect between being notified of a hazard and fixing it.

1.2 You are responsible for anyone you allow in to the field with you.

1.3 Use the field at your own risk, there may be a number of hazards such as uneven ground, mole hills, ditches, thistles, fallen trees over hanging branches and so on. We will not be held liable for any injury or claim arising from such occurrence.


1.0 The secure dog field is accessed off Lydens Lane TN8 7EP.  You will receive a code for the first gate on your right as well as the deer gate after you enter the first gate.on the left.  

1.1 Once safely inside the 6ft deer gate please close the gate behind you.

1.2 Please close the deer gate once you have left (the first gate can be left open unless you are the last slot of the day).  

1.3 DO NOT ENTER the field if there is a car/dog/person in there. There is enough room to park off the road and wait in the entrance. 

1.4 The Gibson Family, their employees and agents reserve the right to enter and re-enter the secure dog field at their discretion, with or without persons in order to maintain the property.

1.5 Ensure you leave promptly and have vacated the secure dog field by the end of your allotted time slot.

Secure Dog Field Kent reserve the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time.

(last updated July 2023)

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